03 February 2009

blogging amoreeeee.

remember the italian wedding i was talking about a while back?
well here they are, literally too cute for words,

my italian friend maria teresa and my french friend christophe

they're getting married this summer in maratea, italy, the
beachside village
where maria teresa spent her childhood summers......

this is not only a destination wedding, but a destination to which friends will be traveling from all over the world ((yes, this is the group of friends i love to talk on and on about...we all met in paris over the course of about five years..a lot of stories to be told....)) anyway, since this destination wedding is a big deal for so many of us, i took cue from maria teresa's lively emails loaded with information on where to stay, what to do there etc.... and offered to make them a wedding website. this is common practice in american wedding culture ((not that i'm an expert, but i've noticed a trend..)) largely on account of the wedding industry i assume, however in this case, i really thought it could be beneficial, and fun. and after trying to figure it all out, i decided that with a group as social and socially networked as ours, a blog format would be the most exciting format to present the information, post photos before, during and after, and for everyone to interactively follow the path up to the day. a sort of gradual guest book/journal if you will. and an easy way for both mt and i to post from different continents.

and thus i'm on my way, creating it and gathering info, i will share more when i know more
((or, i guess, when i've done more)) but think we're gonna have some fun.

ciao bellas, c


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! There's nothing like a wedding to get everyone connected again! I was amazed at how much my wedding united both sides of the family and brought us all closer together. my maid of honour has since moved from canada to australia and is staying with a friend of my husband's cousins---all because she met them at our wedding! putting together a site for everyone is a GREAT idea!

Courtney said...

Wow. That looks like the most fantastic place to have a wedding, and how exciting that your group will be back together to celebrate their marriage!