08 February 2009

friends for all seasons

it seems as though my very favorite statue in the vigeland sculpture park in frognerparken oslo, norway (my norwegian friend {and oslo correspondent} lives right near it) is covered in snow, poor girl must be cold she has snow in her hair!

(the girl i'm refering to is this statue, my favorite, i love this girl! marianne {my norwegian friend} is, i'm sure, cold as well and most likely has snow in her hair, but i'm not sure it's as dramatic as this!!)

apparently it's been snowing a lot everywhere (except here in california where there's a possibility of rain today...but that's about it).. my olso correspondant sent reports today of 'it's been snowing like crazy here the last couple of days' and i've heard similar remarks from paris and toronto.. but i only walk through it in the warmth of my mind and the pictures i'm sent, and i'd venture to say it's a more pleasent experience like that.

this is my girl basking in the warmth of an august afternoon in oslo.

and i'm including some more of the images she sent of the statues in the snow..

i love how they look covered in snow!!

though these guys look like they've had just about enough!

...they make me smile, as does that girl, and this time, i mean marianne ;)))

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