13 January 2009

eccitazione!!! emozioni!! excitement in the air....

My charming, vivacious and ever-so bellaaaa Italian friend Maria Teresa and her equally as charming French boy Christophe are having their wedding this July in Italy. This morning I received an enthusiastic email detailing some info for the event. Immediately if not sooner the festivities played out in my head, dancing with the color and laughter and rhythm, the intermingling of languages and energy that inevitably comes alive amongst such friends.

Suddenly I was inspired to write about it and all of this before I'd even had my coffee. And I intend on writing much more.....actually not quite sure how I'd go about stopping myself. Until then, here are some photos of Maratea, the seaside village of Maria Teresa's childhood memories, where the festivities will take place. It seems to be situated right about where the bottom laces of the boot might cross....


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Astrid said...

I love Italia!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Good luck getting into freelance life :-)