17 May 2011

still-- swaying

                   c h a n d e l i e r s
       as always               still
                  on the floor

       in my 
                 . . .      

         pristine golden ceiling

13 May 2011

a pile of paper napkins and no recent blog posts...

write. sinking in often bleeding through
thin paper napkins under hand for words when need--

deep-- the pen digs in; delicate and quick--
napkin tissue tears, times where words come to mind fast and hard.

sinking in bleeding under hand
for words through delicate times and tears hard to--
pen digs in:

mind; paper napkins (deep in messes or simply creased in unassuming piles)
delicate and quick-- dabbed at the corners of what isn't said.
traces, edges, left, write that's--
my poetry.