22 February 2009

i can see the light

finally getting past the headache. sleepless nights remain {and i get so much done in the night..is it wrong?} et à part ça, the rain falls on my roof and the lack of sunlight does my head a refreshing deal of good. easing back into it, just a sunday afternoon quoi.

which brings to mind a few words written by a friend of mine {i've yet to ask permission for sharing this, but here it goes anyway}

"and because nature is just, it grants each droplet its moment to be heard."

isn't that perfect.

here are two fantastic images by robyn glaser..
the first reminds me of what my place looks like after a day or two of migraine...
the second is an image that i simply adore and my drink of choice before, during and after a headache {and anytime, really}, and yes that much of it, maybe more, prepared any style {except the weak stuff or the burnt stuff from that one corporation 'cafe' that's on every corner} i'll take it. this quite possibly could be a cause of those sleepless nights....nah.. it must be something else..

robyn glaser

robyn glaser

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