20 February 2009

aaaaah lalaaaaaaa

charlotte gainsbourg in vanity fair

wow what a 36hrs, hit with a dizzy spell then another migraine, am just now looking to find my way out of it. at least, momentarily. crept over to my computer {in the dark, screen on dim, tea by my side...yet not too close to my beloved macbook} and within about 15 minutes had discovered some really great new blogs {that is, new for me...remember i'm new to this game} and am greatful for their ability to casually distracted me.

so to start the weekend off on a better note, here are some of my finds and images from the posts therein that improved morale...

first off, great music during and after a migraine {and any time really} : charlotte gainsbourg {daughter of serge} 5:55

then three new blog discoveries and images i found amongst them that took me somewhere better:

design crush

finding my way

from delight by design's happy weekend post {photo tim evan cook}
delight by design

interesting, the images that caught my eye were all modes of transportation. think i really need to get going, to get out of here. i guess we could say that au moins for the moment, i was transported..


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Blair said...

Oh, I love your blog! So glad you stopped by mine.