18 May 2010

crossing the path.. on the path

One of my 4th grade students wrote this poem. I’m sure it doesn’t take much to figure out who inspired the title character. The kids seem to think I wear a lot of black... and the funny thing is, I’ve added a lot of color into my wardrobe lately. Well anyway, this girl is precious, and quite the humorist, with this eye on the world and a writing style that conveys -- the sort of 'have to read it to know it stuff' that will continue to charm us all, I’m certain, for years to come.

Chantal the Black Cat

Chantal the black cat
is waiting slow, steady,
strong, just waiting
until pounce spring
in the air, very clever
very fast very curious
until, smack-on the ground

she missed the big

11 May 2010

walking past on sidewalks this iris





09 May 2010

words on an evening warm that--

to read such words this golden evening in the hopes that you will appear

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