21 February 2009

{3:26am} late night images on my mind

robyn glaser
absolutely adore this.

indenfor and udenfor antique shop from denmark
i heart chandeliers {in any color} and i love love turquoise. my mom's favorite color..reminds me of her.

great find, great image.
found via poppy talk, the think bakery is a bakery that cooks up innovative ideas, sweet suggestions and delicious tips for bloggers {especially the new guys, like me} of course they mention linking other blogs {hey look...i've learned something already} but i really wanted to share the info for anyone else out there like me, who may delight in any assistance, and also, i just fell in love with the image.

bart van leuven discovered via desire to inspire

lucyina moodie via delight by design

hmmmm i suppose i'll try to sleep now, 3:26am in california, but noonish in the parts of the world where my friends spend this saturday afternoon. two years since i arrived here in cali, but still on paris time. some things never change.

bonne nuit/journee/soiree wherever you find yourself, or somewhere in between.

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Blair said...

Love that turquoise chandelier! I can't believe that you are up so late.