02 January 2009

old words ring new

I didn’t intend on disappearing for so long, but seems I got swept away for a while. Spent the first day of the year with two good friends, even better conversation, bookstores and coffee...if that’s any indication for the new year, I just might keep turning the pages after all.


I’ve been reading old Arabic poetry with the Algerian, it’s really good stuff, the kind that rings as true today as it did when the words were first written around the year 800, ever relevant no matter where we find ourselves in this moment and the next. This one in particular I find an interesting thought for the new year...

Let not your tongue mention the shame of another
For you yourself are covered in shame and all men have tongues.
If your eye falls upon the sins of your brother
Shield them and say: 'O my eye! All men have eyes!'
لسانك لا تذكر به عورة امرئ *** فكلّـك عورات وللناس ألسـن
وعينك إن أبدت إليك معايباً *** فدعها وقل : يا عين للناس أعينُ

i m a m a s h – s h a f i ' i

more to come......
bonne année 2009 ♥ c

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corine said...

You and I are very far from metro commerce (where I lived for two years)

The arabic letters are beautiful.