10 January 2009

weather the storm

was going through some old pics and found these from when we tried to ice skate on the eiffel tower one year. i say try, because it's difficult to ice skate in a puddle, no matter how aesthetically pleasing the surroundings may be.

this year there's no doubt that puddle would in fact stay frozen, the amount of snow in paris ((and all of france right now)) has simply taken my breath away. in all five years i never even dreamed anything like this, i remember cheering the one day the snow stuck to the ground. i wonder how long i'd be able to stand the cold though.....

here are some great photos from carla coulson who's stuck right there amidst the flurry of this parisian winter wonderland.

ugh, i still can't believe it. and i still can't decide whether i'm insanely jealous that i'm missing it, or insanely lucky to have been out and about all day in a lightweight sweater and dark sunglasses........as always, with me the answer is never clear, or simple, black, or white, or for that matter, here when i need it, perhaps it's stuck in the snow. and that reminds me of something i wanted to tell my sister, a rather appropriate thought for this late winter hour, even if you don't have all the answers, show them your potential to uncover them...

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