21 April 2009

sunglasses on, darkness, fioricet, water, coffee..

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

that headache that i mentioned yesterday turned into a migraine before i was able to drive home from what could have been an enjoyable evening in the very warm spring night air with a very warm algerian. not sure how i squinted past the streetlights and through the stoplights enough to drive home, but i'm here. been in the dark ever since. and thus, for the time being, my post for today will be simple with a rather appropriate blurry image {colorful for those of you who aren't sitting in front of the computer with big dark sunglasses on, as i am!} et voilà ...i'm delighted to share another of eni's photographs. enjoy! and please check out her flickr...

ok. to bed.


eni said...

hope you are feeling better today :)
and again thanks a lot for your kindness.

Heidi said...

Oh yucky. Migraines are the worse. I have been struggling with them for years. Hope you are feeling better.

words and photo booth moments said...

thx girls you're both so sweet!

heidi... uh! i feel your pain {literally!!} i've been dealing with them a lot for the past three years... did you find anything that helps at all?