14 April 2009

...right now

"whatever you love most, you fear you might lose,
you know it can change.
why do you look from left to right when you cross the street?
because you don't want to get run over.
but you still cross the street."

audrey hepburn


Heidi said...

I could not agree with your quote more. I am the type of person that gets so attached to the people in my life that I love that the thought of losing them scares me to death. This quote is definitely something I need to keep in mind.

Blair said...

Oh, this qoute has struck a chord with me, more than most! Love it. And love the photos you chose.

words and photo booth moments said...
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words and photo booth moments said...

blair and heidi: it is a gentle reminder, isn't it? and the photos are julia galdo's, she is a recent fav of mine, i uses her images all the time. a bientot ladies! x c