22 July 2010


it is. he was right, 
" all the world's a stage... "

caught in the act 
but by a few, 
most walk on and along 
consuming without question
second thought-- what's made us watch us 
perform so-- 
from behind big sunglasses no reflection glitter on bright 
screens starred envisioned watching the time forgot to look 
and to think-- 

but what's the purpose-- 
question-- so on 
and on... 
so and so and 
speaking, flashing, posing, speaking
lines when prompted 
and on 
and on and -- line -- 

and on 
and on 
and off consumed 
oft it is... 

he was right


yes that's right i just remembered... i have a blog!!! ha! wow, funny how that slipped my mind. in fact, i have two blogs, well, more than two.. i better catch up. 

'all the world's a stage' is the theme of the summer writing workshops that i'm doing with the kids, but it has also been the way the world has been playing before me in recent months, the way in which things have appeared to me... from behind my sunglasses (and i do believe i'm borrowing the phrase 'from behind my sunglasses' from one of my student writers! isn't that an awesome sentence?!!) authenticity is nearly impossible to grasp-- there's so very little of it... at best i put on my sunglasses and search for what little of it remains within myself... and on and on-- through-- beyond-- and behind-- all the staged and the stages...

x c

words and photos c by chantal

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