28 July 2010

please use a coaster

used to be the roller coaster now we simply coast, coasters holding tight letting go hands up it's not in them anyway never was after all down hill up hill screaming round holding breath side-to-side, only 'bout a minute and a half can feel like years can feel like it was meant to be, then walk away... side-by-side 

and the noise and quiet lights still shine on waves that crash in the ocean under the boardwalk rides on rough tides on silent shores and sure unsure and still always return and crash sinking feeling of certainty inexplicable depth perpetual rhythms after a while you don't hear them anymore even in the shell you held with faith or didn't, they simply become you, become a part of you and your footsteps and any given day and rock you to the core, ya they do that too--

and rhythms strong and gentle hold on tight in any event that comes with the next crashing wave that pulls away and coasts this minute and a half, on the coast

words and photos c by c

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