20 May 2009

what i was going to say--

grab my pen and write

mundane things interrupt my--

stare off-- where are you



Typewriter said...

oooohh this very much echoes a sentiment i had the other day =) (see my spot for more heehee)
your dashes and way of condensing meaning reminds me of Emily Dickinson, is this purposeful?

words and photo booth moments said...

dearest typewriter:

i have been checking your spot! we also have similar notions of 'falling' in our recent poems... perhaps we're going through similar experiences.

as for the dashes... it's my way of, implying..of suggesting things that often i'm too apprehensive to come out and say, it's also a way of almost stammering i think... and i am a dickinson fan.. and woolf, they are both such creative punctuaters {if that's a word} and i love playing around with punctuation as well. wow this is a long comment.

so happy that we can share :) x c