10 May 2009

remember when....

image: elle moss

i found the perfect card for my mom today, it said:

mom remember when i was a kid and you wanted me
to grow up and be something?
...you should have been more specific

my dad laughed out loud in the store when i showed it to him.
and my mom LOL'd when she read it, because
fortunately or unfortunately this card basically says it all, that's me.

{aaaaaand yes, that's me, below there,
trying to be something..}

i also wrote her this haiku
{hey, a haiku from me, imagine that!}

when there are no words

just your smile, your hug i know--

yes, i know-- me too.

hope you all enjoyed the day with moms or memories
or at least some laughter......

now, i've got to go and be 'something'
......any suggestions??

wrote another poem today,
will share it in the morning. bonne nuit x



Heidi said...

What a fun picture of you. As for what you can do...I say if it's nice go for a lovely picnic and bring a fabulous book.

eni said...

this is such a lovely tender post and you are so adorable on that pic ;)
optum canim

words and photo booth moments said...

hi girls :) haha ya...i used to be silly ;)) now things have changed so much lol thanks for your sweet comments. kisses and optums x c

Alla said...

sweet.. u were a kid with alotta character werent u?

words and photo booth moments said...

alla:: i still am ;))))

thanks for stopping by! i checked out your blog it's fantastic.