20 March 2009

melting perfection

"I wonder–if no one’s perfect…how do we know?
Those times when you watch masks melt off of people’s faces–
they must be perfect then.
Because there’s a glimmer of a second, every once in a while, that’s pure, that’s perfect,
when you wish you had a pencil and the corner of a napkin.
And then the lead breaks and you need to wipe your nose."

l a u r a
{a friend who is brilliant with words.
i believe she should start a blog of her own!}

perfect images thanks to leigh {jkldesigns} etsy shop here


Leigh said...

Thank you so much!!! :)
I love the beautiful saying, it really puts things into perspective, glad to be a part of it. So sweet.


PS, I also think she should start a blog, let us know.

Heidi said...

Wow, you really post some pretty incredible things. I always seem to do so much thinking after I read your posts. Thanks!! Hope you are having a wonderful week.

P.S. Yes your friend should start her own blog.

Blair said...

Those illustrations are incredible! I agree with Heidi that you always provoke such thought with your posts. Thank you!

words and photo booth moments said...

of course leigh! your work is fantastic :) will have more up soon.

merci heidi and blair, i like to find little thoughts to give us all a moment and get us through the day...

thanks for the thoughtful words ladies!