15 March 2009

...and i'm still holding my breath

i've been searching for perfect photos of roller coasters for the past few weeks, as that's the only real description of where i am right now. this has been one long ride and just when i think i've gotten up there, the hill suddenly appears fantastically higher...and i'm on the down side again......then the other day i saw these turk + taylor images and suddenly, i'd found my roller coaster photos. but the serendipity was that, in this small turn of events, i discovered a new brilliant photographer called julia galdo, who did not only this shoot but a variety of others {check out her site and flickr} that i just adore.

i'm drawn in to her view of the world and her perspective of place, the dramatic wash of color in her photos, especially against darkness, and her obvious wit and sense of humor in the details. thanks julia, i know i've said this already, but really great stuff!! within minutes i was a fan and i think i looked at every image in her flickr sets! i don't know how to not show you all of her stuff at once, but i must restrain myself, because i want to display them slowly so as to savor and appropriately appreciate how unique they are, and thus, i'll be patient!!!!

and so, the roller coaster continues. in moments like this things seem like they might look up after all, but i can't help but be terribly nervous for the next turn of events in the moment to come....

but then...i recall moments like last night for example, and i enjoy the rush...and it all seems worth it once again, it's really been a gripping ride...and i'm still holding my breath.
x c


Carla said...

thanks for your note, I have been a little lost lately and haven't found the spirit to blog. Things are fine, the sun is shining in Paris and all seems possible. I love your roller coaster pics, i am fascinated by Fun fairs. I hope things are good with you. Carla x

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, these photos (as well as the one in your post above) are gorgeous! I can see why you are loving Julia Galdo- what lovely work!! And I completely understand the rollercoaster ride-- sums up much of the last year of my life too. I hope that things are looking up and going well for you. xo