04 November 2008

here's my card (obsession)

In order to support my writing habit, I’m urgently attempting to take on a smörgåsbord of small jobs (i.e. holiday gift wrapper/decorator, writing tutor for children, writing and editing assistance for dissertations, theses, collage essays etc...) In the hopes of actually getting some business, I started googleing around for ideas and websites to make some quick business cards that could possibly summarize this smattering of potential employment offerings. Not only did I find some very cool business cards (that I'll get in a heartbeat once my extra jobs make me some extra money) ..I also found sites where you can design your own business cards. And thus, an instant new obsession and the resulting reality of how the rest of my day was spent.

In addition, I discovered I was using one of those sites where you can actually sell the products you have designed. And I immediately added this to my recent lineup of extra jobs. I guess in the end this sounds like an ad, however it’s merely a fascination with the endless merchandising (and business card) options of today. Here is a link for one of the cards I very much enjoyed designing, but I plan on adding many more to this collection! http://www.zazzle.com/inotherwords_c*

Also check out this link for other innovative business card ideas (that I’m sure I can’t afford..yet) http://creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs. The picture here is of a business card by a divorce lawyer ..very clever ..I won’t be needing one like it, but quand meme it’s quite clever.

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