29 April 2010

above chaotic

chaotic below-- from the,
B E A T S in my head.
writing                above--
                the rooftops 
                         --from the, 
and the-- 
B E A T S in my head.

ps i'm just just just [with emphasis on just] starting another blog, without any thought of abandoning this one, it was simply a whim as i was caught up all night with a migraine, and as i'm discovering in further [and very interesting] migraine research [check out the writer/migraineur siri hustvedt this is just one link to many of her fascinating blogs, books, interviews etc..], anyway, apparently and as i'd always seemed to find along the way.. the migraine brain can actually lead you on wonderful [albeit painful] discoveries so in the middle of the night i felt like discovering in myself, a new blog..... and, well, nevertheless, it's here: a red ballon caught in branches and together we'll see what becomes of it.

x c

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