24 October 2009

to fall leaves

--changing only as the leaves, falling, flying, turning, 
moving with the wind and against it
across empty parking lots searching, lost, but
just having fallen, again every season
find these colors fading and now and again--

rough winds disturb the poetry of the leaves

--they go with it thus,
let it take them far,
it has they'll fall, they have,
hit the pavement lightly,
lose sight of what was as it
wrecks havoc on what was coming into view
from above and despite-- and at the will
at the whim of your capricious nature--
like the seasons i've known them all

and at times i've even loved them
loved the rain loved them in that rain,
wind at times has changed direction,
and changed-- and
fallen-- still and standing
up against the wind, grasping on
to every last second of fading daylight

to fall, having fallen long ago 
and again and leaves to fall here
amidst fall and caprice-- and
the leaves fall, and the leaves change color,
and leaves--
change the color darkness seasons evolve
and wind, and nights and you become colder
and wind and color and early dusk and--
leaves-- and leaves-- to leave-- and fall--
to fall


(been super busy with the newspaper will write more soon!) 

x c