22 September 2009

trying on the reading glasses at 30

had a dinner party last night in the warm still summerish air of the candle-lit backyard, in the company of a few good friends from college and paris who i don't get to see very often, the algerian, and my parents (my mom planned it as a surprise thing for my bday today) it was really nice, really good friends, really good conversation, really really really laughing. really.


and i figured since i'm 30 now and people seem to think that's a big deal and old, that i should act old and look old, so i should maybe wear my mom's reading glasses (the drugstore kind) i mean, 'old' people wear reading glasses right? ;) so i wore them all night i can't say they (the glasses) made it easy to see when walking around, especially outside at night... but i suppose like all things... like this new age..new decade... i'll get used to it. and on the bright side, i am excited for the potential of a new accessory--- and if all else fails, i'll wait another 10 years and try again...

x c 

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StormSage Central said...

this post made me laugh. I have in the past conducted experiments to see if people treat you differently when your wearing glasses lol to do this I purchased a pair of reading glasses that did not have any magnification in the lense (fake ones). I still have them todate and I also have a few other pairs too..... so if all else fails , fake it like me :)

{lauryl} said...

aww, happy birthday chantal! sounds like a fun evening... minus the reading glasses. ;-)